Welcome to Red Apron Cakes. My name is Clare and I am your local Perth cake artist.


I am passionate about making delicious, inspiring and beautiful cakes. I found cake artistry after 15 years of cooking up a storm as a chef -  cake making has rapidly become my passion eek obsession and I am stoked to call it my career.


My artistic flair and fun-loving personality have helped me craft gorgeous cakes for my family and friends, and this has inspired me to bring this creativity to you.


My specialty is stunning sugar flowers and I indulge my creative side by producing beautiful wedding cakes and celebration cakes.


I take great pleasure in working with clients to create original designs to suit any occasion. I would love to fashion a scrumptious and stunning cake to make your special event even more memorable. Email me your questions or call me on 0414 584 417 and I'll give you the answers.

Clare Gallagher